Monday, May 7, 2007

this is where it all begins...

So, I'm not really sure what the standard procedure is here. I'll just say, I'm not starting out with a big bang. I just need to sort out everything that's going on inside my head. Sometimes people just need to start something, without knowing what will come of it, and without concerning themselves with the consequences. Not yet, anyway.

I'm calling my blog lacuna bubbles. Lacuna is a word meaning "blank space" or "missing part". I guess I see myself as that blank space; an empty bubble that wants to be filled. This blog will act as a sort of diary and commentary, and will document my progress, or lack thereof.

In future posts I'll explain more about myself, who I am, what's going on in my life. But sometimes I expect I'll launch into all of it without explaining the backstory. So it may be a little broken for people just coming in. I'll try to update whenever possible.

Welcome, everyone.


Celine said...

this is exciting! I'm bookmarking your site and will be back for more.

danucal said...

Ha! You're just a kind-hearted person, Celine. I can't promise excitement, though. Thanks so much for your comment and for your blog, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your site. You make food exciting for me!