Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the problem with normal

There are some labels I can handle, like "scatterbrained" ('cause it's a fact, at least sometimes), or "crazy" ('cause that's what the voices in my head tell me!), along with a wide variety of others that are far less flattering. But one I've never been able to tolerate being lumped under is "normal". Even the thought of being considered "just normal" makes me me fume inwardly.

In fact, have you ever known someone who was flattered when referred to by that term? I haven't. It seems most people live their lives trying not to fit that designation. Oh sure, when you were very young being normal was seen as a special blessing (one that wasn't passed around to all of us). God favored you by making sure you didn't have any "weird bits sticking out", making sure everything was palatably packaged. Oftentimes you were possibly glad to fit-in even if it meant disappearing behind someone else's glow for awhile. But as you grew and matured, you felt the need to break away from the pack, and showcase your individuality. The operative word here is showcase, since the need to be recognized for being unique and gifted became imperative, even if it earned you more critiscism or name calling, like "peculiar".

Actually, the word peculiar has taken on a sort of brillant little halo for me, whereas the word normal will, in my opinion, always equal "random", "boring", and "generic". Does that make me weird? Hahaha! Then that makes me very happy! ;~)

So at this moment I'm thankful for every odd glance I've gotten, every curious remark, and every quirked eyebrow. Let's remind ourselves at least for today that being different can be a very goood thing!


Emilie said...

hot damn! for real.

i spent so many years being the weirdo and feeling on the outs and it was a strange space because i both did and did NOT want to get out of the weird box. now i'm generally comfortable in my weirdness. i can actually feel it when someone judges me as being pretty normal. it's like, "oh, you don't get it...i'm deeply weird." this happens most when i'm in "work drag" and it can be kind of fun, like sneaking in the backdoor of some forbidden establishment...but i always like to find a way back out!

i'm really enjoying your writing--thanks for posting on my blog, i'm really happy to have connected to yours!

danucal said...

Thanks for reading, Emilie!
Ha! What a relief to be able to slip out of normal drag everyday..And ditto on feeling when someone judges you as normal. It's like, "Great, glad I could make things easier for ya..But you still don't get it."

I've been slowly working up the courage to contact the people on my link list, one by one. Well, I actually can't stand those link pimps who add links to their own blogs, just to be added to other blogrolls, so I was hoping you wouldn't assume I was one of them.

I just like to support the blogs that make a great impression on me, and yours is one of them. I'm happy that you're okay with being listed in my blog!

Celine said...

weird is good, I agree!!! it's funny how our notion of it all changes as we age. like we want to fit in the mold during high school years, for example, and then we yearn to be different. yeah. I love your blog, you always make me think. ow, my head. ;p

danucal said...

yeah, your blog always makes me hungry celine! ow, my stomach! ;~)

it's true everything sort of reverses itself as we struggle to push our way out of the crowds we once longed to be in..actually, maybe i should update my blog, because we all also know those people who only want to be different to get fact, i was that person at 14 years old! ahaha! but now i'm not so worried if people see me as random, it just means they don't know me yet. ;~P

lindsay said...

I so hear what you're saying here. I've always been The Weird One, and honestly i've not had problems with that distinction. I'm okay with it to the point of pride.

There are some aspects of my life in which i would appreciate a bit more normalcy, but those are primarily things having to do with my health.

A lot of people try to walk a fine line: they want to fit in with their chosen crowd, but they want to be a unique snowflake in that crowd. They want to stand out while they're fitting in. It's contradictory and confusing, and i think i don't have the patience for that sort of balancing act. lol. Mad props to those who can actually pull that sort of thing off, i guess.

Amusing side note: I went to school in a town called Normal (there are a few towns with this name, the one i was in was located in IL). Neat little town, actually. But i wouldn't want to live there. ;D

danucal said...

A lot of people try to walk a fine line: they want to fit in with their chosen crowd, but they want to be a unique snowflake in that crowd. They want to stand out while they're fitting in.

Ah, you've added yet another dimension..I sort of have no patience for those kind of people. Actually I kind of think of them as the people trying desperately to be different just to get some attention. Thanks for your comment..So, so true!

Also, about the town called Normal..I bet there were heaps of interesting people living there, trying not to live up to the town's moniker! ;~)