Thursday, May 24, 2007

seven random nuggets!

So, the admirable Celine tagged me to tell my readers 7 random things about myself. At first I was apprehensive because I automatically assume myself to be the most boring person ever! Plus, I figured I'm always talking about myself. Well, even the most boring person ever has-even more-stuff to talk about so here goes ;~):

(1) I'm a pack rat! I keep everything-from the smallest most insignificant scraps of paper and plastic, to huge bulky pieces of outdated furniture. Actually, I have to open my closet door slowly for fear of an avalanche of magazines from 1995 jammed at the top. On top of this, I'm obssessed with keeping things organized (tis a "good thing" says Martha Stewart), so there are bundles of neatly stacked crap in my apartment!

(2) I give librarians nightmares...I should actually have my card cut up, and be publically flogged! Why? Well, last time I borrowed books from the library, I didn't return them for.....*drum roll*.....2 YEARSSSSSSSSS!!!! Bring on the boos, and hatred. Don't worry, I've already banned myself from returning.

3) I think everyone has their vices: I've never taken a drink, don't do drugs, and tried a cigarette once when I was 12. However, I do have a wicked sweet tooth, and a caffeine "addiction". That's the only way I can explain my attraction to diet soda-you know the stuff that tastes like dirt water? So it all evens itself out in the end.

(4) I'm really a kid at heart: I love anime, comics, cartoons, and video games (I even have a couple of gamer magazine subscriptions...Yes, the old ones are jammed at the top of my closet!). I was one of those young people that never wanted to grow up because I hated adults, and didn't want to become one. I tried in my own little way to "rage against the system" when I was in high school (from teacher's pet to teacher's worst enemy). There's still a part of me that feels the way I did then.

(5) My first kiss happened when I was 4 years old. I made it happen, I was the aggressor, haha! I was sitting under the monkey bars during recess in preschool with the boy everyone liked. I looked at him, he looked at me..I decided that it was now or never! So I kissed him, and everyone froze. Then of course they oohed, aahed, and collapsed into giggles. It sort of ended when my sister (older than me by one year and attending the same school) came over, and threatened to tell our mother what I did. Believe it or not she kept that secret until I was a teenager! As silly as it seems, I wish now that I had that same kind of courage, and free-spritedness when approaching men.

(6) I sleep with the lights on. Partially fueled by my need to read in bed, partially because of childhood phobias...Nuff' said.

(7) I used to love to draw/sketch. I say "used to" because it's hard for me to find joy in doing it anymore, but I still do sometimes. I have talent for it, but being good at something doesn't always ensure that you want to make a go of it in life. Well, we'll see what happens, I won't box myself in just yet!

So, there they are..Seven little nuggets o' info about yours truly. Thanks to Celine, for taggin' me; it was very fun, and much easier than I thought it would be. If I had more readers I would definitely tag someone, but if anyone happens by this blog, consider yourself tagged.

"You're it!"


Celine said...

oh girl don't get me started on diet sodas! I used to be addicted to the max to these things, and I'm not saying I won't get addicted again. baaaaaaah!
I love that you were the aggressor in your first kiss dealio! woohoo girl power! and all that jazz.
and I'd love to see drawings of yours if you ever get a chance to scan some of your pieces on here. <3

danucal said...

ahahaa..another person hopelessly addicted to brown dirt water! you must be up late nights then, too! that caffeine stuff really sneaks up on a person. XD
yup, see, once upon a time i had moxie just like you, celine! ha, i spend alot of time convincing people that it's still a valid first kiss even though i was four.
wow, a scanner is a good idea, i'm so tech challenged i've never thought of it. well, if i do get one, i'll definitely post some stuff.
oh, and thanks again for the suggestion, i really did have fun thinking up this stuff, and it's just what my blog needed! hugs!

Celine said...

you changed the look! I like. I like a lot.

danucal said...

thank you! i just wanted something a little sleeker..wish i could put up a print or something less bland, but this will do for right now.